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Our goal is to create articles of Moroccan splendor for contemporary feel-good living.
Ouma El Achab
Ouma El Achab
What is done with love is done well.
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The RAZYYA brand is a family run Moroccan fashion design company lead by Ouma El Achab. We have been creating never seen before items. What makes us unique is the fact that we don’t bring what’s already in the market; we create products that tell stories about the beauty of the cities, the homes and the landscape we live in. We strive to make people see a different perspective of what has already been presented. Moroccan style and fashion is well known for its boho style but a revitalizing of the industry is giving birth to a whole new segment. We explore different materials and colors to break free from the traditional style into the exclusive world of chic elegance.

We work closely with a select group of the best artisans and suppliers in the country to bring all our colorful and brilliant ideas to life. Talent passed on and perfected through generations has made our artisans masters of their trade. This part of our process we keep to heart. Regardless of the material used or the designs imagined, what makes our products fabulous are the people that make them.

Supporting Traditions

Through our work with artisans, especially Amazigh weavers that are intensely proud of their heritage, we’ve seen how necessary it is for them to reach new audiences and customers. We teach them the process of how to create the contemporary rugs we design.

Our brand aims to prevent the decline of traditional Amazigh weaving by showcasing their work with new modern materials and designs. And because we value the talent and hard work of our artisans, we try to represent them in the best way possible in the non-Moroccan markets.

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